We’ve all experienced them
A job applicant confidently expresses their fit for the position, but two weeks into the job it is painfully clear they are way under qualified.
A prospective customer expresses delirious interest in your product, but you never hear from them again.
A research participant says they love the concept, but every fiber of their body screams otherwise.
You get home only to realize that the email scribbled on a piece of paper by a seemingly interested party is fake.


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    “We were impressed with the depth of knowledge David has around micro-expressions. We are looking forward to training with David to become even more proficient in this area; we see tremendous value for it in our consumer research.”—Mary Lachnit | Managing Partner at M2 Professional Solutions
    “The Merrill Institute provided excellent training on Micro-expressions. We believe having this understanding will enhance our qualitative research work.”—Masie Wong-Paredes | Partner at M2 Professional Solutions
    “David Schneer is an extremely talented instructor with an uncanny ability to sus out the abilities of every student and work with them at their level. His training is effective and easily applicable to the work and interpersonal interactions I have every day. Thank you, David, for your expert instruction.”—Rich Stimbra | Fortify Digital
    “Dr. David Schneer is a gifted and dedicated mentor with deep background and intuition in the fields of micro-expressions and body language. His training reveals a crucial set of social cues that often go unnoticed, thereby enabling more relevant and meaningful professional and personal communication.” —KT Tucker | CEO, Churchill Club
    "We had quite a specific request, and Merrill Research did an outstanding job delivering. When it came to the qualitative research, they dug deep. In addition to persistent probing, they also employed their body language reading expertise. Merrill's advanced skillset in this regard provided a deeper level of understanding, informing our learnings and next steps." —Kim Michener, Sr. Director Brand and Communications | Donuts Inc.

    The Benefits of Our Training

    Human Resources

    Discover if a candidate is less than authentic about past experience


    Become a more connected and dynamic leader

    Negotiations/All Relationships

    Get to a win-win faster/create deeper and more connected relationships

    Public Speaking

    Become a more dynamic orator

    Qualitative Research -

    Improve research results by knowing how to decipher what respondents are really telling you


    Improve your close rates by gaining deeper insight into what your customers really think of your offering

    Body Language Workshops & Certification

    The Merrill Institute for Nonverbal Intelligence Training offers both in-person and virtual workshops and online courses for individuals and corporations.  These workshops will teach you the skills to communicate skillfully and effectively and to accurately assess the emotions of those with whom you interact.

    • Self-paced online Training so you can learn from anywhere
    • In-person, group or one-on-one workshops
    • Certification Available

    Starting at $750

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