About The Merrill Institute


The Merrill Institute for Nonverbal Intelligence Training was formed to teach others the skills to communicate skillfully and effectively with those around them.

Our workshops are intended to be wholistic. That is, we offer Facial Micro Expression workshops for those who want cursory exposure and full Body Language Master Trainer Workshops for those who want a more in-depth experience. Certification for both micro expression and body language master training are also available.

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David Schneer was always the new kid on the block. From the age of 6 months until he was 12, David traversed America three times—the first with his young parents alone and then two subsequent trips with additional siblings until landing in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1970.

Given his nomadic lifestyle, David learned to not only fit in but thrive by keeping his eyes and ears open and his mouth closed. After a brief stint in Journalism, David parlayed his social skills into a four-decade career conducting qualitative face-to-face interviews with thousands of individuals all over the globe. His services have been in constant high demand.

What David learned was this: oftentimes, what came out of someone’s mouth did not match what their bodies were saying. After studying with leading body language experts in Europe and here in the US David is one of only a handful of Body Language Master Trainers in the world.