Just like giraffes, you can learn a lot from the human neck. Sure, humans don’t have six-foot necks, although human and giraffe necks have the same number of vertebrae. In fact, indications of the neck are some of the most reliable signs of stress. And it is easy to spot in person and on Zoom.

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Come out of Your Shell

Turtles withdraw their heads and limbs into their shell when they feel threatened. Turns out, so do humans. While we cannot withdraw our limbs into an outer shell, we can—and do, ever so slowly—raise our shoulders when we feel stress or psychological discomfort.

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One Hump or Two?

Shoulders are a great indicator of what a person is really thinking and can be a beacon of information in-person and on Zoom when you need to know what someone is feeling.

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It is Good to be King! (Or is it?)

Even as kings of their respective jungles, leaders are subject to bad days and trying times. How can you tell? Well, it’s written all over their faces—despite the words that come out of their mouths.

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Mr. Big is Pissed!

We see the micro expressions of anger in the face-to-face research that we conduct—especially in advertising or new product development when respondents see a concept that frustrates them in some way.

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